Chronicles of Reepicheep #9 - The Reluctant Dragon

Halloween is coming soon.  Traditionally, this is the time of year that I lurk around the kids Treat bags hoping for a moment or two alone with them….  Mom says that chocolate can be very bad for me – especially dark chocolate – the milk chocolate is not so toxic.  I noticed that little kids don’t like dark chocolate so much – it tends to be more a grown up taste – so I look for it more at Christmastime and Valentine’s Day.  But oh, the Halloween bags always smell so good!  Mom said to make sure I pointed out the hazard this delicious smell poses to dogs and the dangers of chocolate.  Mom better watch the bags…’cause I am sure watching the bags.

Well, that wasn’t the real point of this Chronicle.  I just got sidetracked by my nose and stomach.  That is the problem for us dogs.  I guess humans understand.

My point is… the boys are going to be knights for Halloween… and this WAS a great idea. It would have been a very good way to have fun and fill the loot bags I mentioned earlier… BUT!!!  Mom saw a dragon costume in my size so now I am involved!!!  A dragon!!! A knight would have been so cool!  I would have been happy in armor, some leather, a helmet, and a sword in my teeth.  Stella would have really dug the look!  I am sure the strong look of a brave knight would have compensated for my short stature.  But a dragon!  With my height I come off looking like an iguana! and worse still -a cute one!  Not a bloodthirsty, impressive one!  A cute dragon!  No fire!  No wings!  And the knights have swords!…although I heard Mom say that they weren’t to use them on each other… or me.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Good thing I still have Stella to look forward to.