Christmas Safety Tips

Keeping your furry family members safe during the holidays can be challenging. Ornaments, plants, presents, and the Christmas tree itself can pose a threat to your pets! Here are some simple steps that will allow your pets to join in the holiday fun this year, while avoiding any trips to the Veterinary Hospital.
1. Place your Christmas tree in a corner, blocked off from your pet's wanting eyes. If this doesn't keep your dog or cat from attempting to jump onto the tree, you can place foil wrap, a plastic drink bottle filled with pebbles, buttons, or anything else that creates noise on the tree's bottom limbs to warn you of an impending tree disaster.
2. Tinsel can add a nice sparkling touch to the tree, but make sure you hang it up out of your pet's reach. Ingesting the tinsel can potentially block their intestines, which is generally only remedied through surgical means.
3. Do not put lights on the tree's lower branches. Not only can your pet get tangled up in the lights, they are a  hazard as, your dog or cat may inadvertently get electrocuted by biting through the wire.
4. Ornaments need to be kept out of reach, too. In addition to being a choking and intestinal blockage hazard, shards from broken ornaments may injure paws, mouths, or other parts of your pet's body. Edible tree decorations - whether they be ornaments, or cranberry or popcorn strings - are not a pet friendly idea. These goodies are just too enticing and your pet will surely try to eat them.
5. For those buying a live Christmas trees this year, keep the area free and clear of pine needles. While they may not seem dangerous, the needles can puncture your pet's intestines if ingested.

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