Chronicles of Reepacheep #10


 on Scarves…


In my previous writings I think I have made it clear that I don’t like to be fussed over and messed with.  The only good reason is to please Mom because she loves to make me “handsome”.  It seems that Mom loves to stick bandanas on me to celebrate the different holidays and seasons. If Dad is not looking she will even put shirts on me to celebrate Canada Day and cute plaid hats on me to celebrate my UK heritage.  Dad is solidly on my side when it comes to silly cutesy things.  He only goes along with the practical warm winter reflective jacket.  The rest of the stuff he whips off me as soon as Mom is looking the other way. 

Stella just got a fabulous new scarf.  I like it for 2 reasons.  First of all – she looks beautiful in it – as always.  The scarf has a fun, snowman pattern on it and is almost like leather on the other side.  Stella wears it well, like she does everything.  The second reason – is obvious to a terrier given the leather backing – it is the perfect thing for me to grab onto and play tug with.  Emily got a little upset when she caught me doing this with Stella’s scarf… so I have to think this was not a use the humans intended.  I love Stella.