Chronicles of ReepiCheep #2

I got my name courtesy of my Mom’s favourite writer – C.S. Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia.  I am named after a mouse – a very tough, honourable, brave mouse with and indomitable spirit.  Just the kind of mouse you would want a terrier to be… or so I am told.  I am the first working terrier in my human family.  My family sought to be very well informed about what they were getting into before acquiring me.  There was concern prior to my arrival about my potential views on cats and chickens.  I am very good about the chickens.  They are part of the farm that I protect, they are serious business.  But cats…They are so much fun!  I love everything about my cats!  The way they jump out of their skin when you spook them a bit.  I love finding their left over food (which is tastier than mine). I learned quickly not to chase the cats, but I am not sure a terrier can draw the line on his own when it comes to wrestling with cats.  I love the way they will really engage me when I wrestle with them – sink their teeth into my head and bunny kick me and only stop when my Mom or Dad separates us (and yells at me because they just don’t understand what is going on).  It is as if they are really fighting!  I am not allowed to eat the contents of their litter box, that has been made clear to me, but I can’t help but look for opportunities where my ingestion might seem accidental.  I will admit that I like to annoy them – only in harmless ways – a cat is so funny looking when it tries to look menacing.  So, my family and I are being careful about my temptations in the area of prey drive but with careful training so far I endeavour to honour my famous namesake.  I love Stella Francis.

- Reepicheep