Chronicles of ReepiCheep #3

I am almost due for my booster vaccines.  I might run through anything to get where I want to go but when it comes to entering the vet clinic I am a wimp.  Although I am brave on the run, I hate waiting on the table for something to happen.  I cuddle and grovel and try to get a technician to rescue me for my cuteness.  As you might expect, since my mom is a vet,  I received my full set of puppy shots.  I understand I have gotten shots that are really important – protecting me from some horrible things like Rabies, Distemper, and Canine Parvovirus.  I am grateful for these as I follow my nose around our property.  I am hoping to meet some of the local wildlife, I don’t tell my Mom this, she doesn’t like to hear about it.  She worries that something might hurt me.  Once, when I was on a hike on the Brue Trail I stepped on a porcupine quill.  Everybody but me was glad the porcupine was nowhere around, but the quill got stuck in my foot and my mom had to carry me out of the bush and pull it out with  strong forceps.  I am sure that I am sharper than any porcupine.  I am bred to be tougher than a fox for sure.  I am punkier than any skunk.  I am probably even tougher than a raccoon.  I am a terrier.  And, that is one good reason why it is important for me to be vaccinated.  I love Stella Francis.

- ReepiCheep