Chronicles of ReepiCheep #4

Not long ago, my family welcomed another dog into our home.  A stray came into the vet clinic, she was very sweet and gentle.  My Mom the vet is very careful about bringing home an older dog because we have kids in our house.  Mom says that if you take in an adult dog that you don’t know where the holes could be in their training or what they have been through.  Mom was really thorough with her testing of the new dog.  She said if it was going to bite someone she better find out first.  But, my new friend did not bite her.  We have named my new friend “Lucy” – after one of the little girls in Narnia.  Although Lucy started very nervous about everything she has come a long way – she says having me around being so bold really helps.  I’m not bold, I’m just a terrier.  Lucy was even afraid of my Dad!  Can you believe it?  My Dad wouldn’t hurt anybody!  Lucy says you can’t be too sure after what she has been through.  Now she agrees Dad wouldn’t hurt anyone, it’s the cats you have to worry about.  Silly Lucy thought you have to sneak in your cage to eat your food so no one takes it from you or hurts you.  That doesn’t happen at our house!  In fact, they bug you to finish your dinner and worry if you don’t.  Lucy also thought you should probably crouch  on your way through the kitchen, she doesn’t do that anymore, she can walk normal now.  Lucy also thought it was dangerous to sit on the couch, now she knows it is a soft place and Dad will rub your ears there.  Lucy is part hound which means her nose is even better than mine.  Mom says it is stronger than her conscience which is why we wound up at the neighbour’s with Dad chasing us.  Lucy said we would get a rabbit, I wonder if Dad was disappointed he didn’t get to have any.  Mom says Lucy has a lot to learn this spring.  I will teach her everything I know.  But, I still love Stella Francis.

- ReepiCheep