Chronicles of ReepiCheep #5

Everybody complained about the winter.  Stella and I loved it, we hadn’t had winter before.  Stella is amazing.  She never gets cold.  I get cold after a while.  Especially if most of my body is covered in the snow I am trying to walk through.  A couple times I got stuck in the snow and Dad had to rescue me when went snowshoeing.  I like to rub myself on snow banks.   And I don’t like to wear the sissy boots.  Sometimes it was too cold to pee outside, and definitely too cold to take the time to poo.  I have learned that you can’t hold it in until spring and that it is better to poo on 3 legs than to have Mom catch you pooing inside where it is warm.  Lucy tried to poo inside more times than I have.  Lucy had a lot of trouble finding the right place to poo when the snow drifts gave limited her options.  Lucy can’t always poo when she needs to – she has to find just the right place.  And the right place isn’t always in the same place.  It drove Mom and Dad crazy, ‘cause they got cold walking around with her.  They don’t have much hair.  The snow got so high that we couldn’t run around in the back yard on our own.  Then on leash we lost many of the right places to snow drifts and you can’t just poo on the driveway or road.  Sometimes she has to walk a long way to find the right place.  By the time she found it Mom and Dad were usually happy and mad, strange mix.  I love Stella Francis.

- ReepiCheep