Chronicles of ReepiCheep #6

We are really enjoying this start of spring!  It is warm enough that we can play outside for a good long time.   I am really enjoying that so many more smells are back.  Rabbit and chicken poo,  my old soggy rawhide from last fall, windfall apples, and all the dead things that were covered by the snow all winter - the really good stuff.  I’m not going to mention any more because I don’t want my Mom to be on to me… any more than she is. 

Mom brought a baby goat into the kitchen one night.  The humans think she is cute.  Cute as a concept works for me most of the time.  As far as the goat is concerned cute is not working for me.  The baby goat is getting some of the attention that I normally get.  The humans are calling the baby goat, “Bambi” – she calls herself “NeeeNeee”.  I like to lick the milk off of her when no one is looking.  I also like to eat her poo, but that is even harder to get ahold of.  But, any of her food pellets she drops I eat and Mom doesn’t usually stop me, I guess ‘cause it isn’t going to hurt me.  NeeeNeee copies me all the time when we are in the back yard together.  We even got put in the same cage together at the vet clinic – and NeeeNeee snuggled up beside me.  It is like having a little sister.  But, I don’t really mind because Mom says I am an easy guy to get along with.  I haven’t met any animal I didn’t like – except for the ones that didn’t like me. You should see this thing run and jump and play.  It takes risks and defies gravity, and I have seen it lose to gravity…then get back up and fly around again.   Kids!

I told NeeeNeee that goats don’t normally live in the house with us… she asked me what a goat was.  I guess there are worse problems to have….  I love Stella Francis...

- ReepiCheep