Chronicles of ReepiCheep #7

Lucy and I had to come into the clinic for our Heartworm/Lyme test a couple of weeks ago.  Mom said that I should definitely be negative since I was on the stuff that protects me.  But, apparently since Lucy was a stray Mom was happy to find that she was negative for everything.  We have no idea what Lucy’s medical history was before she came to us – and Lucy, not being much for the academic medical stuff doesn’t remember… not that if she did remember she would be able to tell Mom. 

I do like coming to work with Mom.  Stella Francis is usually there, and it usually tastes good at some point.  I don’t like it when they put me on a table.  A table means something is going to happen.  It might just mean that you are going to have your nails trimmed… but it might mean that you are going to have a boring afternoon of grooming that you didn’t plan for… or worse yet - they are going to poke you with a needle or something.  I don’t like needles, but Mom says I am an easy guy to get along with… and she kisses my face… and holds me really I don’t move. 

Lucy likes coming to work too… but she likes even more going home.  Lucy worries a little that she won’t get to go home again.  I told Lucy that she is silly - Mom and Dad won’t leave you at the clinic for long.  Lucy worries even more than I do when she gets put on a table.  Lucy goes all stiff and awkward like a tree.  I told Lucy that even if they have to poke you that all the techs really love us and will give us lots of treats.  Lucy says she can’t eat on a table.  I think it is OK to eat ON a table.  Mom says we just aren’t allowed to eat OFF the table.  I could eat anything, anywhere… just not always my kibble… it is boring.  But, I love Stella.

- ReepiCheep