Chronicles of ReepiCheep #8

One of my favorite things to do is to sleep with my family.  I really love to cuddle with Mom.  Sometimes I have trouble being still and not licking or playing with mon and dad if it has been a rainy day with no running outside…  If I don’t settle down I get bounced from the bed, ‘cause Mom and Dad need their sleep.  But, when I am being good I snuggle for a while and then I have to go and sleep at the bottom of the bed by Mom’s feet.  Sometimes, it is because I get too warm beside Mom.  But, Mom says it is several hundred years of Border Terriers being sent to sleep at the foot of beds that sends me away from her every night.  Whatever it is, in the morning I go back for some more cuddles.  My favorite position is to sleep on my back curled into my Mom or Dad’s neck where I am really close to them and I can smell them.  I am not a morning person, I would be happy to stay in bed and snuggle.  Even on weekends I am not the first to wake us or the first out of bed.  Mom says she didn’t expect that in a terrier.  But, she and Dad seem to like it.

But I really love Stella

- ReepiCheep