Back To School Time Can Be Tough On Your Dog

Think of it from your pet’s point of view. Everyone has been home with him "forever” and now suddenly everyone is gone! Our pets can feel separation anxiety that may cause several issues like: chewing, digging or scratching doors, house soiling, barking, howling etc.

There Are Some Things We Can Do To Help 

1. Before you leave the house, take your dog for a walk. 

Start your day by taking your dog for a brisk walk. Then reward your dog's calm-submissive energy with food and water. The idea is to leave your dog in quiet, resting mode while you are away.
2. No touch, no talk, no eye contact.

Don't make a big deal when you leave for the day or when you return. This way, you are communicating to your dog that the time apart is no big deal. It's just business as usual! Depending on the severity of the your dog’s anxiety, you may need to practice this routine for five minutes or up to an hour before you leave and when you get back.
3. Say goodbye to your dog long before you leave. 

Having trouble practicing "no touch, no talk, no eye contact"? Take a moment to share affection and tell your dog that you will miss him way before you actually leave. Keep in mind that this display is for you, not your dog! Your dog won't have his feelings hurt if you didn't say goodbye.
4. Stay calm and assertive! 

When you are ready to go to work, leave those guilty, nervous, and concerned feelings behind. Instead, let your dog know that everything is going to be okay by projecting the confident energy of a pack leader. A calm and assertive leader can ease separation anxiety in dogs.
5. Proper crate training from puppy stage provides a safe haven for your pet when you are away.

Leaving an article of your clothing, or their favorite toy in the crate often helps with anxiety.