How Do We Know When It's Time To Say Goodbye?

This can be an incredibly difficult decision to make. Sometimes, euthanasia is obviously the best thing to do for your pet. At other times, however, it can be less clear. An open discussion with us, including an honest evaluation of your pet's quality of life, should help you make the decision.
One way to determine if your aging pet is still enjoying life and can remain with us a little longer is by using a "Quality of Life" scale to determine if the animal's basic needs are being met. This scale can be very helpful when deciding what is best for your pet. On this scale, pets are scored on a scale of 1 through 10 in each category, with 10 being the highest score for quality of life. Again, only an honest evaluation of each category will help with the decision.

Quality of Life (HHHHHMM Scale)

When the time comes we will help you in any way possible to guide you through this difficult time.