Dog Dental Treats Your Pet Will Love


It is not uncommon for a dog’s breath to be slightly unpleasant. This is often the result of bacteria build-up in the mouth and can be a sign that your dog needs better dental or gum care. However, it’s not a bad idea to check with us to make sure bad breath is not a sign of an underlying medical problem.

In addition to professional cleaning and regular tooth brushing, certain dog treats are also formulated to help improve breath. Hard chew toys may also help, we would be happy to recommend chews and toys. MEDI-CHEWS are specially designed to reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar in dogs. 


Key Features & Benefits of Medi-Chews

  • Unique texture, shape and design
  • Provides mechanical scrubbing action against dental plaque and tartar
  • Tartar reducing ingredients
  • Decreases tartar accumulation
  • Formulated with eucalyptus oil
  • Helps minimize volatile sulphur compounds responsible for bad breath
  • Supplemental green tea polyphenols
  • Decreases oral bacteria responsible for plaque formation
  • Antioxidant blend (vitamin C and E, lutein and taurine)
  • Prevents damage associated with oxidative stress