Tips for Staying Parasite-Free

The good news is that a majority of zoonotic diseases can be prevented by following basic hygiene guidelines, as well as routine veterinary care for your pet. The following is a list of the ways you can reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases.
1. Wash your hands

2. Scoop the litter box at least every 24 hours.
3. Avoid contact with wild animals
4. Have your bird tested for Psittacosis. 
5. Cover the sandbox
6. Use monthly veterinary approved heart worm preventive

7. Don’t eat or feed raw or under cooked meat
8. Use veterinary approved flea and tick preventives. 
9. Prevent your dog from drinking contaminated water
10. Keep up on routine veterinary care. 
There are countless benefits to owning a pet. By following these guidelines, you will greatly reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases and help keep you and your family healthy.