Take A Stand On Animal Rights Awareness Week

When we think of animal rights we often think of farm animals in crowded trucks on their way to market or hens in battery laying cages. We can all do our part to reduce their suffering by being mindful as consumers.

What can we do to reduce the suffering of cats and dogs?

  •  The first thing everyone can do is have their pets spayed or neutered. This will significantly reduce the number of unwanted pets.
  • We can also make better choices. When looking for a pet go to shelters first. If you do go to a breeder and you are looking for a dog whose breed standard requires ear cropping or tail docking tell the breeder you will only buy a pup from them if it does not have the procedure done.
  • If you come across a puppy mill while looking for a pet report them to the SPCA. If there is no SPCS in that area phone the police.
  • Be aware of the signs of abuse.
  • There are two kinds of abuse, physical and neglect.

Physical abuse must be reported.

Statistics show that someone who is abusive to a pet has a high probability of being abusive to people. Some infamous murder investigations have revealed that pet abuse preceded horrendous attacks on people. (Reference: Columbine School shooting: The Link Among Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence, Mellissa Trollinger)

By reporting animal abuse you may prevent human tragedy as well.

Abuse through neglect can come in various forms: no stimulus or contact for long periods of time, lack of fresh food and water or lack of required veterinary care. This type of abuse is often through ignorance rather than cruelty. It can be passed down through generations. In these situations, the SPCA and veterinarians can often educate the people involved thereby improving the lives of the pets without having to place them in shelters.
We all face circumstances that can inadvertently lead to cruelty. For example, running into the grocery store while your pet is in the car can rapidly lead to the pet’s death from heat stroke.

We can all do our part daily to improve the lives of the pets and people that surround us. Always strive to be kind. Always think of the possible consequences of your actions.

If you or someone you know don’t have a pet to celebrate in June with please consider adopting one of these beautiful babies. They are looking for their forever homes.