Your Vet & Groomer Always Keep An Eye Out For You & Your Pet

This is why, when you are here with your pet for their yearly appointment, they are examined from head to toe. Often we can find lumps, bumps or other signs that something may not be ok even when your pet seems fine. Some of the symptoms that will lead us to further investigate are swollen lymph nodes, an enlarging or changing lump, abdominal distension that appears rapidly, unexplained bleeding, unexplained lameness and straining to urinate.

Groomers can be helpful in checking for cancer too & often find lumps or sores that the owner may not be aware of. There are some ways to reduce your pet’s cancer risk. For example, do not allow your pet to become overweight. Studies prove that monitoring the amount of calories an animal eats can prevent and/or delay the progression of tumor development in both cats and dogs. Fat on our pets can produce inflammation that can promote tumor development. You can also try to reduce your dog's exposure to toxins. These can include lawn chemicals, tobacco smoke, and household cleaners. Genetic Factors can also be involved for some types of cancer - Ask us about more tips like these for keeping your pets happy, healthy & cancer free. 

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