Join us for a Capable Canine Seminar

Join us on January 30th at 1pm for a seminar presented by Capable Canines. You won't want to miss out on learning the one thing you can teach your dog to give your relationship a head start & your training a kick start! On January 30th, Gayle Watson, from Capable Canines, will show you how one simple exercise can help any behaviour problems you might have on your hands.

There will be a limited number of one on one sessions available after the seminar at $60 per hour, so book early to make sure you've got a spot. The cost to attend the seminar is only $25 and proceeds will be donated to The Farley Foundation which provides assistance to low income pet owners in need of emergency pet care.

A Training Tip from Capable Canines: Window Barking Stops Here!

Barking at the window or at arriving guests is great exercise and lots of fun - if you are a dog. Teach your dog a game that will stop the barking frenzy. You may use 30-90% of your pets daily food ration depending on your dog and your circumstances for training.

For a few days, and several times daily, when your dog is not barking, say the word “nevermind" and cast a small handful of food bits on the floor (kibble on a tile or wood floor works brilliantly for this - the sound of kibble hitting the floor is a great additional cue). When your dog recognizes the word means food is about to hit the floor, start to use “nevermind” in different places around the house. Your poochy will start to come running to search you out for this amazing activity. The more you use it, the stronger the cue becomes.

Now you are ready to start using it when the barking starts. Don’t worry about treating for barking – your dog has to stop long enough to eat. If he thinks he will go right back to barking, repeat the “nevermind” cue and feed. Running out of patience? Remove your pet from the situation until you are willing to work it again.

Trust the process and you will see/hear a huge reduction in barking.

Have fun!