Is FAD Something To Be Concerned About?

Although FAD can become a life threatening condition due to secondary skin infections - it rarely does, as we can tell early on that there is a problem. On the other hand, fleas are more likely to be fatal to a pet who is not allergic. Fleas only eat blood. One flea does not consume much blood but, if your pet is unfortunate enough to host hundreds of fleas, the blood loss can result in life-threatening anemia; A condition where there is a reduced number of red blood cells.
The individuals most at risk of developing flea induced, life threatening anemia are the very young and the very old. Puppies and kittens do not have a lot of blood and are busy trying to grow and increase their blood volume. Also, they are not yet good groomers, and tend not to remove fleas from their body. Flea induced anemia is a leading cause of death in kittens who have access to the outdoors, either themselves or through their Mother.
We also regularly see senior cats suffering from severe anemia due to fleas. This elderly population is often already suffering from age-related diseases that can decrease their supply of red blood cells. They, like kittens, are no longer fastidious groomers so they do not remove fleas from their bodies.