Today’s advanced diagnostic tools are critical to making accurate and early diagnoses. BMVS continues to invest in the latest technology in order to provide your pets with the best possible veterinary care.


Digital radiology (x-ray) is the most accurate imaging tool we can use to assess a wide variety of conditions in your pet. The images are produced immediately on a computer screen and offer our veterinarians a far more detailed view of your animal than traditional
x-rays. The process is simple and well tolerated, as it’s non-invasive.


Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is a computer-generated imaging system that, in combination with digital x-ray, enables our veterinarians to see a clear picture of conditions such as tumors, kidney and bladder stones, embryos, organs such as the colon and other tissues. Like digital radiology, ultrasonography is non-invasive.



Having our own on-site laboratory means that we can run tests, even during off-hours for an emergency, and have the results promptly. This is a big advantage to us, as veterinarians, and to you, the concerned pet owner, as we can have results the same day, or in some cases within minutes, of taking the tests. That also enables us to treat conditions sooner.