We would like to introduce you to a new & fun, interactive website called "life of paw". It's packed full of information, ideas and games & allows you to gain points, you can use to purchase items for your pet. Answer a few polls or take a quiz about your pet, keep a health record and keep track of vaccines to collect more points to spend on your pet.  For more information click here.


Invisible Fence® Brand has given millions of dog and cat owners true peace of mind not just in the yard, but with customized solutions throughout the entire home. Click Here for more information.


Unexpected illnesses or injuries in your pet can be tough financially. The cost of diagnostic tests, surgeries, and ongoing care can be expensive! While it is comparable in price to human medicine, most of these expenses are covered for ourselves. Unfortunately for our pets, there is no OHIP. But, there is pet insurance. Click Here to learn more.