In Canada, each year more than 90% of the shelter animals that under go euthanasia are cats. This amounts to 80 – 100,000 cats annually who die because they have been abandoned by their owners, are stray, or are born in feral colonies (cats who have returned to or been bred in the wild). Twice as many cats as dogs end up in shelters in our country. However, if abandoned stray and feral cats were not able to breed over and over again, this population boom would be drastically reduced.  The number of cats One female cat and her offspring can produce in the average lifetime of a feral cat is 420,000.

A nervous “kitten” rummaging through a dumpster may actually be an adult cat so chronically starved that it never developed fully. How many times do spring’s melting snow banks expose the emaciated frozen body of a cat? We must step up and address the cause of this suffering.

Blue Mountain Veterinary Services (BMVS) has created a comprehensive plan to tackle our community’s exploding stray/feral cat population. This plan involves introducing a humane trap/sterilize/vaccinate/release program. Similar programs have proven extremely effective in other populated areas across the country, organically decreasing feral cat populations by more then 30% in as little as two years.

Our BMVS staff will be testing, vaccinating and spay/neutering these cats. BMVS will be matching, or exceeding all donations given to Catsnip

But, it’s not enough. We need your help. Help us put right a situation that has been ignored for too long.

Dr. Tina Gray

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