"I have been taking my four legged companions to Blue Mountain Vet Services (BMVS), pretty well since Dr. Gray opened her doors.  I have always found the Vets and the Staff there to be kind and compassionate with the animals and their human companions. 

Dr. Gray and the staff have seen us through crises, like the time Harriet, the cat, had a much to close encounter with a car.  Fortunately, due to quick intervention at the clinic, diligent diagnosis, surgery and a rehabilitation directed by Dr. Gray, Harriet has gone on to live a full and healthy life and is still with us today – something I never could have believed would happen at the time.

Dr. Gray and the terrific people at the clinic always provide options and alternatives, where they exist.  This allows us to make a fully informed decision, something I find most commendable.

Most recently, Tia, the dog and my hiking partner, had issues with her front “ankles”.  It had got to the stage, she was sometimes reluctant to continue on our hikes and I was very worried, thinking arthritis had set in and possible stem cell treatment would be required.  Dr. Gray really did an extensive examination and did not believe this was the problem.  She suggested testing her for thyroid problems – now who would have thought of this?  The test was easy and it turned out she had a thyroid functioning well below the norm.  So, we were prescribed thyroid pills, which are very inexpensive and the results have been nothing short of amazing!  Tia is now back to herself, running like the wind, bouncing around chasing the ball, no pain medication, and just a very happy dog overall.  I would wonder how many other Vets would have missed this?

Previously, before BMVS opened, I had been to other Veterinarian Clinics but had never found the gold-standard of care the zoo and I receive at Blue Mountain.  I cannot say enough good things about the treatment of our companions and the staff there – always cheerful, always helpful.  I have absolute faith in them."

- Lyn Ronald

"Thank you Dr. Tina Gray for finally diagnosing the cause of Diesel's hairloss. I'd taken Diesel to 3 other vets to have him looked at as to why his hair kept falling out making him look like a poor little bald buffalo, and each vet said it was caused by different things, and recommended many things that "might" help & expensive tests to find out more that may or may not give them enough details to figure out why he was losing his fur. Then I called Dr. Gray. She asked me to send her a few photos of the area he was fur-less and when she saw them she said - I've seen this before, all he needs is a small dose of melatonin each day and you should see improvement in a couple of weeks. She also said that I didn't even need a prescription from a vet for it because you can get melatonin supplements at any pharmacy and it's quite affordable. Off to Walmart I went and affordable it was, only $3.99 a bottle and the bottle has lasted for a few months. He only needs 1/2 of a pill each day and he's back to his normal self. I was so relieved to see that the cause was only a vitamin deficiency - who would have thought it! Dr. Gray's experience speaks for itself, she's not looking things up in a text book, she's seen it all - Well maybe not all of it but A LOT of it and that's a big PLUS in my books. Thank you very much Tina!"

- Kate Emms

"Expert professional advice, latest technology including laser surgery and digital xrays, and without a doubt, the most caring and loving people I have ever had look after my companion animals. I have nothing but outstanding things to say about Dr. Tina Gray and her staff. They have looked after my dog, and four cats over the 11 years I have lived here. Dr. Gray has seen my animals through injuries, cancer and more, and has always been patient, kind and above all, caring beyond any vet I have ever known. Cannot give them a higher recommendation and am grateful that they are there for my animals, and me."

- Google Plus Review"

"The entire staff are the most amazing, caring individuals we've ever dealt with since moving to the area full time 3 years ago. They have up-to-date technology, including equipment for Stem Cell Harvesting, which was used on one of our dogs last year. Where else do you get a hug for a greeting each and every time you enter their clean facilities? ... it's like a home away from home, and even our dogs are comfortable there. In addition, the previous comment on this site is identical to our opinion. We could not have put it any better."

Luci Feldman