Dog Training and Socialization

Blue Mountain Veterinary Services offers training and socialization courses for dogs and puppies that use exercise, pack work and one on one training to help your pet become healthier and more responsive to you.

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Training & Socialization Options

We offer the following dog training, fitness, and socialization services at our animal hospital.

Socialization & Training

Socialization and Training is great for dogs in need of an energy outlet. They will benefit from both physical exercise and mental stimulation through a combination of increased aerobic exercise and pack work

During a 1.5 - 2 hour long hike, Ashley will train your dog to walk on a leash correctly, explore areas they may not be familiar with, and train them how to react to different situations. 

The goal of our socialization and K9 fitness offering is to create a healthier, more responsive pet that can interact with other dogs without aggression, anxiety or competition.


$60.00 + HST

Private Training

Private training sessions with our trainer Ashley are great for dogs as well as owners that are not yet ready to join a class or would like to work on individual needs.

Ashley will customize a training program to suit you and your pet's unique needs.

Ashley will not just be training your dog – she'll be training you, too! She will teach you how to work with your dog, gain their respect and trust for a happier, more responsive pet.


$65.00 + HST | 30 Minute Private Session

$95.00 + HST | 1 Hour Private Session

Puppy & Obedience Classes

Puppy and Obedience Classes are a great way to build your puppy's confidence, form an amazing bond between you and your pet, and socialize and have fun while learning. 

Puppy obedience classes are help at our clinic, and typically include 6 dogs per class. Classes run for 6 weeks, and each class is 1 hour in length. Owners should bring treats, leash and flat collar. Graduation will be held at the end of your dog's 6 week class.

Puppy Class Ages | 8 Weeks - 7 Months (may vary)

Obedience Class Ages | 8 Months + (may vary)


$160.00 + HST

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