Dog Training & Socialization

Blue Mountain Veterinary Services offers training and socialization courses for dogs and puppies that use exercise, pack work and one on one training to help your pet become healthier and more responsive to you.

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Benefits of Professional Training

Dogs are social animals who need to burn off all that energy - for both their sanity and yours.

From puppyhood to their adult years, pooches of all ages need quality time with their owners, as well as training and socialization to help them build confidence and social skills for a long, healthy, joyful life.

Our professional dog training & socialization courses can help you and your dog better trust each other in a wide variety of social situations. This in turn will help keep your beloved pup safer, and give you peace of mind.

Dog Training, Blue Mountain Veterinary Services
Do Training, Blue Mountain Veterinary Services

Training & Socialization Courses

We offer the following training and socialization courses at Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, in partnership with Ashley Hopkins of Active K9 Solutions:

  • Puppy & Play - 5 weeks

    Max 8 students -  $160 plus HST

    Puppy & Play is a beginner course for new pups between the ages of 2-6 months of age, and consists of 5 classes in 5 weeks. This course focuses on starting your new puppy off with a strong foundation and focusing on socialization. The goal is to teach:

    • Basic Obedience- Sit, Down, Stay, Look at me
    • Recalls- teaching reliable recalls for your puppy
    • Socialization with other puppy and humans
    • Settling on a bed/ mat exercise
  • Puppy Essentials - 5 weeks

    Max 8 students - $160 plus HST

    Puppy Essentials is a beginner course and those continuing from Puppy & Play. This course is for dogs between the ages of 6 months and up, and consists of 5 classes in 5 weeks.

    This course focuses on the basic commands, and the ability to work around distractions, as well as how to communicate and understand your dog. The goal of this course is to teach:

    • Basic Obedience- Sit, Down, Stay, Look at me
    • Recap from Puppy & Play
    • Recalls- reliable recalls and in low distraction areas
    • Leash walking- loose leash walking skills and introduction to the heel command
    • Settling on a bed/ mat exercise
    • Prolonged sit, down, stay, and “go to your place” commands
  • K9 Sport Foundations - 4 weeks

    Max 6 students - $120 plus HST

    K9 Sport Foundations is an introductory course that expands on your obedience skills and teaches you and your dog to work as a team and build an amazing bond in preparation for competing and enjoying a variety of dog sports. By the end of this course, the goal is to teach your dog:

    • Stays with duration and distraction
    • Hand touches/ targeting
    • Perch work on stools
    • Shadow handling
    • Marking systems & release commands
    • On and off leash control & recalls
    • Going around objects
    • Sport specific strength, conditioning, and body awareness exercises for canine athletes
  • Active Agility - 5 weeks

    Max 6 students - $170 plus HST

    Active Agility is a fun way to get active and do something fun with your dog. This is a great way to build an amazing bond and also build confidence.

    This course focuses on introducing agility obstacles to you and your dog and also build on the skills learned in the K9 Sport Foundations class. There are several pieces of equipment introduced in the class, such as: tunnels, jumps, weaves, and contact equipment.

    We also work on fine tuning obedience skills by working on focused stays with distractions and place tables.

  • Frisbee Fitness - 4 weeks

    Max 6 students - $130 plus HST

    Frisbee Fitness is a fun, short introductory course to sport of Frisbee! This course is a great way to build a bond, stay fit, and have some fun with your dog. Together, you'll learn to:

    • Build drive for the disc / chasing rollers, etc.
    • Throw efficiently and accurately
    • Teach your dog to catch frisbees and land safely

About Our Trainer

Ashley Hopkins of Active K9 Solutions provides comprehensive dog and puppy training services at Blue Mountain Veterinary Services.

Whether you're in need of basic dog training, or require more advanced, customized techniques, Ashley will help build a trusting, mutually rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

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