Stem Cell Therapy

At Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, we give pets a new "leash" on life by treating injuries and chronic conditions with stem cell therapy.

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Stem Cell Therapy, Blue Mountain Vet Services

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is sometimes referred to as regenerative medicine, which uses the body's regenerative systems to repair and replenish damaged tissues.

Stem cells have proven to be one of the most effective ways to trigger the body's naturally self-repairing mechanisms and achieve fairly consistent and measurable results.

The treatment involves taking a small amount of bone marrow or fat from a cat's or dog's body and extracting stem cells from it. The cells are then cleaned and propagated before being injected back into the affected area.

How is Stem Cell Therapy used?

This process requires specialists to use proper techniques and training in a sterile environment. In partnership with MediVet, we can use this breakthrough therapy to:

  • treat conditions such as osteoarthritis
  • treat injuries to tendons, bones, joints, and spinal chord
  • support surgical repair of joints and ligaments
  • treat some forms of liver disease

Many of our clients' pets have seen excellent results with stem cell therapy.

Candidates for Stem Cell Therapy

Good candidates for stem cell therapy must meet a specific set of criteria to be considered. 

Your pet's specific condition, and its severity and duration must be taken into account along with other factors.

By conducting a thorough physical exam, we can identify whether stem cell therapy would help your pet.

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