Grief Counselling

At our Collingwood animal hospital, compassionate grief counselling services to help you deal with the loss of your furry companion.

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Grief Counselling, Blue Mountain Veterinary Services

Compassionate Grief Counselling

While our pets are with us, many of us share an intense bond with our four-legged companions. When they pass either after an illness or unexpectedly, we may feel traumatized or even devastated as we begin to grieve and contemplate life without them.

At Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, many of our team are pet owners and fully understand, from both a personal and professional point of view, the devastation the loss of a beloved pet can cause.

If you feel talking with a professional would help, we are here for you. Our experienced staff offers grief counselling to bereaved pet owners to help them work through their emotions and discover practical ways to heal.

Could I benefit from grief counselling?

Your grief over the loss of your pet is genuine and deserves support. If you feel overwhelmed by your loss or are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may find grief counselling helpful if you:

  • notice a lack of concentration or focus in your daily activities, such as work, school, or hobbies
  • withdraw from friends and family
  • feel physically unwell with chronic pain, fatigue, weight loss or gain
  • have problems sleeping

Though no one can bring your pet back, we can offer a listening ear, provide resources, and suggest tips for coping that will in time, help you accept the loss of your pet and remember them with joy.

Managing Grief

We all cope with our grief differently, whether we strive to keep busy, spend weeks or months mourning our loss, look to others for support and compassion, or find ways to remember and memorialize our pets.

When we lose someone we love - including a pet - it's crucially important to remember that grief is not a linear process.

We need to ground ourselves, keep breathing, be patient with our emotions, and seek professional help if required.

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