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Vaccinations & Annual Exams

Blue Mountain Veterinary Services believes in prevention first. Physical exams, vaccinations and parasite prevention are at the core of your pet's long-term health and wellbeing. 

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Dog Vaccinations at Blue Mountain Veterinary Services in Clarksburg

Physical Examinations

An annual physical exam is an essential component of preventive healthcare for all pets. Our registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians will perform a "nose-to-tail" manual exam, ensuring your pet's skin, oral health, vision, hearing, and body are in prime shape for their age and breed. 

Conducting an annual physical exam allows us to track your pet's health and diagnose any potential illnesses or conditions. By bringing your pet to regular exams, you give us the opportunity to identify and treat developing issues early, before they become serious. 

During the exam, we'll also ask questions about your pet's lifestyle, fitness, activity levels, and nutrition so we can create a care plan that fulfills their needs. 


Vaccinations can prevent your pet from contracting many diseases, such as Rabies and Lyme Disease. 

Kittens and puppies need several exams and vaccinations in their first 4 months. Following their first vaccines, we recommend updating them with an annual regimen of booster shots. 

We may recommend additional vaccines to keep your pet disease-free, depending on their daily lifestyle and habits.

Parasite Prevention

Left untreated, parasites are harmful to your pet's health and can even become life-threatening. 

During each routine exam, we inspect and test your pet for parasites. Kittens, puppies, and senior pets may receive more frequent tests.

Our parasite prevention and treatment products protect your pet from many common parasites, including ear mites, roundworms, fleas and ticks, heartworm, and more. 

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