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Dental Services

At Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, our vets keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy by providing comprehensive dental exams and cleanings.

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Why do pets need oral care?

Left untreated, gum disease and oral disease allows bacteria to grow in your pet's mouth, causing bad breath and infection. It can even move through your pet's body to attack organs and result in diseases of the kidney, liver, and heart. Poor oral health can also lead to diabetes.

Pets instinctively hide their pain. They can't tell us when they're not feeling well, but imagine how your mouth would feel if you never brushed your teeth or visited your dentist for a cleaning. 

Just like us, dogs and cats need annual oral examinations to ensure their mouths are healthy. We can determine the type of oral healthcare your pet needs by giving them a comprehensive dental health exam.

Pet Dentistry, Blue Mountain Veterinary Services in Clarksburg

The Examination & Cleaning Process

Before a dental procedure, we administer a general anaesthetic so that we can properly assess and care for your pet's oral health. We will also take dental x-rays to identify the condition of your pet's teeth below the gum line.

A dental procedure at our hospital includes:

  • full mouth digital dental x-rays to assess the teeth and bone below the gum line
  • any necessary extractions
  • tartar and plaque removal 
  • polishing after cleaning

Dental Care at Home

It's imperative that your pet's teeth are cleaned regularly at home. Just like you, your pet needs regular oral care to keep their teeth healthy and strong into old age.

By diligently practicing excellent oral hygiene for your pet, you'll reduce inflammation and plaque buildup on their teeth and extend time between professional cleanings. 

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