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Pet Grooming

At our Collingwood animal hospital, our professional grooming services keep all breeds of cats and dogs looking and feeling their best.

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Cat & Dog Grooming in Clarksburg

Neat, Clean & Healthy Pets

With our professional grooming services, you can keep your pet looking dapper while ensuring their skin and coat are healthy. 

Plus, you can relax while we take care of all the details! 

From flea treatments and nail trims to shampoos and haircuts, our grooming services cover everything your pet needs to stay clean, healthy, and irresistibly cute as ever. 

How frequently your pet requires grooming will depend on its breed, coat type and hair length, but most cats and dogs do well with monthly grooming.

Could my pet benefit from professional grooming?

Sometimes cats and dogs (especially those with longer fur that mats easily) require help to keep themselves clean. Older pets or those with physical disabilities might also benefit from regular grooming services. 

Did you know that if your pet struggles with regular grooming, it could be a symptom of an underlying health issue? Ensure you mention this when booking your appointment. Also feel free to call us any time to discuss your concerns or ask questions.

The Benefits of Grooming

Each grooming session includes a bath, haircut, nail trim, and ear cleaning. We will also examine and clean your pet's paws, pads, and eyes. 

Aside from leaving your pet looking and smelling good, grooming provides numerous health benefits. 

While regular brushing helps remove mats, dirt, and dead hair, it also keeps your pet's coat clean and healthy by distributing oils throughout the fur. 

Trimming fur around the face, paw pads, ears, and other areas can keep debris from building up, and help prevent irritation and infections. Trimming nails can prevent stiffness and pain in joints.

Managing Fear or Aggression

Though we consider a salon or spa visit a luxury, our cats and dogs don't always understand that a grooming session is in their best interest, and this may make them act aggressively or feel fearful. 

Our team is experienced in handling anxious, stressed, and aggressive pets. 

If your pet is known to be aggressive or fearful, we may recommend they be sedated for the grooming session. However, these behaviours can typically be managed with these steps:

  • Asking a dog to do something it knows (like 'sit' or 'shake')
  • Frequent breaks
  • Offering treats
  • Opening a window or playing music
  • A quiet, peaceful environment

At-Home Maintenance

Along with offering grooming services, we can also teach you techniques to help keep your pet well-groomed between visits. 

Feel free to ask for product recommendations or peruse our pet-safe shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products in our reception area.

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