Massage Therapy

Our vets provide relaxing massage therapy for dogs and cats in the Collingwood area.

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Massage Therapy

Defined as the therapeutic manipulation of soft tissues, massage therapy covers a number of techniques used to treat and rehabilitate many conditions, including critical illness, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, swelling, and edema. It is also sometimes used in hospice and palliative care.

The specific hand movements a veterinary massage therapist performs on a patient helps to improve your pet’s joint and muscle function.

Pet Massage Therapy, Blue Mountain Vet Services

How can massage therapy help?

At Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, we use massage therapy to:

  • Relieve muscle tension or spasms
  • Relax or stimulate muscles to prevent injury
  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Boost blood and fluid circulation
  • Stimulate nerves throughout the body
  • Encourage better functioning of various internal organs through acupressure

What is the cost of massage therapy?

Comprehensive massage therapy typically involves multiple visits. Costs vary based on your pet’s specific condition and response to treatment.

Your veterinarian can conduct a thorough physical examination and diagnosis to find out if massage therapy can help your pet.

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