At Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, our advanced diagnostics tools are critical to making early and accurate diagnoses for cats and dogs in the Collingwood area.

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Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic testing is key to evaluating how your pet's body is functioning. In our onsite laboratory, we can run tests to help us detect diseases early, diagnose existing health issues, or assess pet wellness.

Our ability to run tests onsite and during off-hours in an emergency saves time, allows us to get results promptly and treat your pet's conditions sooner.

We often receive results on the same day or in some cases, minutes. This saves our skilled veterinarians time and reduces stress for concerned pet owners.

Getting your pet's blood tested annually allows us to create an accurate baseline picture of their overall health.

Pet Diagnostics, Blue Mountain Veterinary Services

When are lab tests required?

Your pet will need to be tested if he or she:

  • appears to be suffering from an illness
  • shows changes in behaviour, weight, or diagnosed condition
  • needs to be examined after a trauma
  • is being prepared for dental procedure or surgery using anesthesia
  • needs an annual blood test for Lyme Disease
  • is entering another life stage - juvenile, adult, senior

Digital X-Rays & Ultrasounds

Digital x-rays allow us to see your pet's internal structures and identify conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye.

The images are produced digitally on our computer monitors and offer our veterinarians a far more detailed picture than traditional x-rays.

While digital x-rays allow us to view bones and dense structures, ultrasounds allow us to examine soft tissues such as organs.  

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