Nutrition Counselling

Our team of highly qualified veterinarians offer nutritional counselling and advice for pet owners throughout the Collingwood and Blue Mountains areas. Ensure your pet's specific needs are met with a well-balanced diet.

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Nutrition Counselling, Blue Mountain Vet Services

Nutrition Advice from Experts You Can Trust

Just like us, our pets may have specific nutritional needs, from calorie control for less active or obesity-prone cats to special gastric diets for a dog’s inflamed intestinal tract.

At Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, our vets provide nutritional counselling and advice to help you keep your furry companion healthy throughout every life stage.

Diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular conditions often stem from poor nutrition and can even result in shorter life expectancy. But, the reverse is also true; a nutritional, well-balanced diet supports your pet’s energy and vitality.

Let our experienced veterinarians help you demystify your pet’s nutritional needs with our comprehensive, trustworthy advice.

Symptoms of nutritional problems

Pets who experience nutritional problems exhibit symptoms including:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Dull coat
  • Lack of energy
  • Skin or coat disorders
  • Change in feces
  • Depression

Many of today’s commercial pet foods contain additives such as dyes and preservatives, while others have an unbalanced nutritional profile. While these foods may be fine for most pets, they may cause or irritate your cat's or dog's condition.

They may need a specialized diet to address their specific health issues and help them live healthier, fuller lives.

How do I learn which food my pet needs?

With years of experience in caring for many breeds of cats and dogs, our dedicated vets understand many have unique nutritional needs.

We can diagnose your pet’s nutritional issues and symptoms, then recommend the best possible diet and nutritional regimen to preserve their health.

Nutrition Management

Veterinary nutrition management involves identifying an animal’s unique nutritional requirements based on conditions or illnesses, size, age, breed, lifestyle, body weight and other goals, diagnosing their issues, and recommending a diet that optimizes their well-being.

Our team of highly qualified vets can:

    • Conduct a nutritional assessment based on nutrition and patient history to determine if a diet change is required
    • Create a comprehensive diet plan to help manage or improve medical conditions or health challenges such as intestinal diseases, kidney diseases, food allergies, bladder stones, etc.
    • Find the right feeding routine for your pet
    • Identify which treats and supplements are safest for your pet’s condition

We are dedicated to educating pet owners and serving as a resource regarding all aspects of nutritional management.

High-Quality Specialized Food for Your Pet

We carry the entire line of Medi-Cal® Royal Canin® Veterinary Diet foods developed by nutritional specialist veterinarians in Guelph, Ontario.

MediCal Royal Canin offers a wide range of products designed to help with all types of issues, from dental health to calorie control, joint inflammation, gastric sensitivity, and allergies.

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